PUREARTH Juice Cleanse – Day 4

It’s HUMP DAY!! I made it half way, and then some, and I am feeling really proud of myself for making it this far without caving in to temptation. The temptations to eat are far from gone, but they are fewer and that can only be a good thing. I didn’t get enough sleep last night; I went out for dinner with some friends (and was the only person not eating) and got home fairly late, I then had to be up at the crack of dawn to go house-hunting and Christmas shopping in the rainy gloom that is so typical of winter in London. Despite this obvious lack of rest I still felt absolutely great today; I seem to have more energy with each day that passes and I can see and feel my body cleansing itself. The first 3 days of the cleanse I could feel my skin flushing out toxins, it felt heavy and oily, but today was the first time it felt clear; I woke up with a bright complexion and had several people comment that I was ‘glowing,’ which made me very happy indeed. On the first and second day of my PurEarth Juice Cleanse I felt as though the world was against me and I almost didn’t believe I could do this, but now that I’ve managed to pass the half way mark, and do it with such enthusiasm and energy, it’s made me realise that I am capable of far more than I once thought.

People may have mixed views about juice cleansing, but if it makes me feel this good, and right now I feel better than I have in a very long time, then it must be something special. It’s not easy, I’ll give you that, but it is more than worth it. This isn’t a trend that I see disappearing any time soon; it’s rooted in the basic knowledge that raw foods, particularly in liquid form, are extremely beneficial to the body as well as the mind. This is not new science, this is ancient history, quite literally. Our ancestors ate mostly raw fruit and vegetables, as well as the occasional portion of meat when it was available, which indicates that our bodies are best suited to these types of basic food sources. Over time we have modified our food and most of it now contains numerous toxins and additional waste that our bodies cannot process and which therefore have a negative affect on our systems. Organic fruit and veg is not a new thing, it’s simply our way of trying to get back to our roots and eat as naturally and healthily as possible without the addition of harmful chemicals. When organic fruits and vegetables are consumed in juice form, our bodies are able to absorb the maximum amount of nutrients possible without having to process the parts we do not use. This means we are getting all the good stuff, and none of the bad, or anything which is surplus to requirement. Not only am I getting everything I need in terms of daily nutrition, but my mind is clearer and my body lighter because I have far fewer toxins weighing me down. Basically, the bottom line is, if it feels good, it probably is.

PUREARTH Juice Cleanse – Day 1

This might sound extreme to some of you, and perhaps it is a little, but this morning I embarked on a 7 day juice cleanse courtesy of my lovely friends over at PUREARTH. My first juice delivery arrived last night and I could barely contain my excitement; I had been looking forward to this for some time and was eager to get to grips with it all, as well as begin mentally preparing for what lay ahead. Delivery number one included enough juice for two days (6 juices), some Green Superfood powder to be mixed with 2 litres of water (which is then consumed throughout the day), 2 small ‘energy shots’ which seem to be a concentrated juice made from even more good things to give you energy, and a bag of Bentonite Clay and Psyllium husk powder to be mixed with water (about 300ml) and consumed 90 minutes after the first detox juice of the day. The box also included a home enema kit. Now, I know what you must be thinking right now and when I first opened it I thought the same – How? Why? What For? I was nervous, felt awkward and had a million questions going through my mind; I had never really tried anything like this before and have always had somewhat mixed feelings on the subject. Nevertheless I went for it, guns blazing, and so that is how my morning started. I was pleasantly surprised, to say the least; I won’t go into detail since that might be a step too far, but I would recommend that you at least try it before you pass judgement as it’s quite relaxing and not nearly as intrusive as one might think.

I then began my day with hot water and lemon, as instructed by my daily schedule, followed by the first juice of the day which was a bright green and utterly delicious MORNING detox juice. This was followed swiftly by the small ‘energy shot’ a few minutes later, and then a Bentonite Clay and Psyllium Husk drink a little while on. So far everything was working out well and I felt full and totally satisfied. I was heading out for the afternoon and decided to mix up my ph Green Superfood Water to take with me, along with my MID-DAY detox juice, as I thought that between the two they would keep me going until I got home. Now, this is where the little ego started creeping in; our monkey mind has a nasty habit of obsessing over things when we deprive ourselves of them and today was no exception. Every smell of food I encountered throughout the day induced some sort of strange, face-twisting hunger pang that can only be describes as pure ego; on any other day food wouldn’t enter my mind until I remember that I need to eat, usually because I am waist deep in whatever I happen to be working on. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE food, I live for food, and to me there is no pleasure more pure and unadulterated than good food. Generally though, on an average working day, I don’t obsess about food or crave it, I simply eat when I am hungry or when it’s a normal meal time. Today was a little different, today I went through six worlds of hell as the streets of London unfolded before me in entirely new ways and I saw things through the eyes of my food-starved monkey mind. It eventually subsided and I learnt to ignore the sights and smells, but I did find it quite astonishing how my mind had heightened my awareness of food and desire to eat simply because an emphasis had been placed on food being disallowed. It always amazes me what lengths the mind will go to in order to keep itself entertained; I know it is simply an illusion and can easily be overcome.

Day one is now complete, it ended on a high note and I am happy to report that I am neither hungry nor craving food; I am enjoying feeling so light and clean and I am looking forward to tomorrow. I hope it’s as good as today as I am planning to throw in a little exercise to keep the momentum going and up the endorphins. Watch this space!