Dalston Street Feast and THE RIB MAN

When it comes to ribs, there is always a great debate about how to cook them, where to buy them, what restaurants make the best ribs and why. Well there are ribs, and then there are the Rib Man’s ribs. I’d been avidly following the twitter account of @theribman whilst I was away in Cape Town and as soon as I arrived back in London I decided it was time to pay him a visit at the new Dalston Street Feast market (open on a Friday night) – although you can find him at Kings Cross on a Thursday and Brick Lane on a Sunday, or here on his very own website. This man is ‘The Real Deal’, his ribs are as good as they get; Mark does all the prep work and cooking himself and you can see he truly loves what he does and cares about the food he makes, where it comes from and how it’s prepared, cooked and served; be it the plain and simple rack, or stripped off the bone and piled high on one of his famous ‘rib rolls,’ topped off with lashings of his home made hot sauce. Simplicity is the key, and love – a lot of love.

When it comes to ribs this man can’t be beat – and his hot sauce is something you will definitely want to write home about – they say food made with love tastes better and there’s no denying that this man truly loves what he does. Each and every rack of ribs is carefully marinated by hand and lovingly slow-cooked to absolute perfection before being served to his adoring fans (customers).

Back to the hot sauce; I am a chili lover through and through, I was raised in South Africa and due to the huge influence of the Portuguese cuisine from our neighbors in Mozambique, we get some of the best peri-peri (chili) sauces in the world and Peri-Peri Chicken is a staple meal in any South African’s diet (just look at the guys who started Nando’s). As I mentioned before, the Rib Man makes his own signature hot sauce; there are varying degrees of WOW when it comes to heat in these magically hand crafted bottles of chili sauce and not only that, they are also made-to-order so they taste fresh and there is limited supply at the markets so order online (here) to guarantee you get what want. The signature ‘Holy-Fuck’ sauce is pretty hot, but there’s ‘Christ-On-A-Bike’ which gets the taste buds really tingling, and then there is the ‘Holy-Mother-Of-God’ hot sauce, which comes with this warning: The absolute hottest of my sauces to date! Do not buy this if you have a weak heart or are worried about your eyesight! 

All sauces are made with scotch bonnet chili peppers and – the hottest of the hot – and I would recommend approaching with extreme caution. If, like me, you LOVE chili, then please do yourself a massive favour and get yourself some of this amazing sauce!

THE RIB MAN | KINGS CROSS EVERY THURSDAY http://www.eat.st/kings-cross | STREET FEAST LONDON FRIDAY NIGHTS http://www.streetfeastlondon.com/#!home/mainPage | BRICK LANE EVERY SUNDAY  http://www.theribman.co.uk/directions.php