Beating the Bug

It happens to us all; one day everything is fine, the next you’re tucked up in bed running a temperature of 102 and it feels as though your body has been used as a punching bag the entire night. You’ve got “that bug” that’s been going round. On Day 10 of my whole 30, I got a bug that totally wiped me out for an entire week, food was the furthest thing from my mind and for the first 3 days of was completely bed bound and sick as hell. This was not quite how I was hoping my week would go. No training of any kind to be had, and no eating; food all of a sudden seemed like the last thing on Earth that I would ever want – I may have even questioned if I would ever feel the desire for food again during some fever induced delirium. What was I thinking? Me, not like food? Impossible. Still, when you’re really sick, even the impossible sometimes seems plausible.

All this got me thinking, normally when I’m sick I turn to brown rice or toast to stop the constant waves of nausea, but on a Whole 30 that simply isn’t going to cut it. So after two and a half days of pure starvation, when my stomach was finally feeling almost strong enough to eat again, I did the unthinkable and attempted to consume scrambled eggs with avo, spinach and bacon. It didnt work, I just felt sick again and gave up eating for the rest of the day. Food Test number 1 – FAIL. The next day I decided to try again. So, on day 13 of my Whole 30 I made a Green Smoothie; easy to digest and relatively pain free – SUCCESS, there was no late onset nausea or bad vibes of the stomach. For lunch I attempted a whole meal; coconut baked chicken with veg, and then salmon for dinner. Felt pretty good for a while during the day but it didn’t last long. On Day 14 I limited myself to chicken broth. Day 15 I managed a light breakfast but that was about it. This was starting to get silly.


Day 16 – by this stage I was beginning to feel better but weak from having so little nutrition and my stomach was bloated and extremely sensitive. Feeling at a complete loss and unable to muster up the courage to eat very much for fear of returning to my previously sick state, the thought of cooking was enough to send me crawling back to bed. Time to seek help, I thought; so I tweeted the team at Whole 9 Life to find out their thoughts and Melissa kindly suggested bone broth, vegetable soup, eggs and banana. The thought of eggs was a bit too much for me at this point but I went along with the rest. FINALLY, On Tuesday the 26th of April (Day 17) I could eat again, like a normal person, one full week after the bug had reared its ugly head. My stomach is still being ridiculously sensitive but the enormous vat of vegetable soup I made seems to have fought through and I have energy again, sort of. Still playing catch up from a week of malnutrition. Baby steps, but steps nonetheless, and definitely in the right direction.

This leaves me thinking that since I am completely averse to medicine of any form and prefer natural alternatives, my new mission is to devise a quick go-to list of easy ‘get-well’ Paleo, Whole 30 approved recipes for a few of the common bugs that go around every year. New mission; easy paleo nutritional medicine. Its going to have to wait until next month though, because it’s EASTER this weekend and I plan on making Easter treats for everyone at home. Paleo Easter Treats, obviously. In the mean time, if you’re at home with the bug, I suggest lots of vegetable broth, bananas and egg, if you can stomach it, and plenty of water. The more hydrated you are the better. Drown the damn bug!


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