PUREARTH Juice Cleanse – Day 5

Late start; hey it’s a Sunday, the day of rest right? So I get a free pass for being lazy this morning, especially since I have more than made up for it throughout the day. Started the day at 10am and worked non-stop on web stuff and writing till 10pm, and for some reason the entire day just seemed to slip away from me; before I could think about anything else I suddenly realised it was getting dark. Remembering that I had made a promise to myself to run today, I leapt up, dressed at light speed and dashed out the door for a quick spin as the sun went down. I don’t normally do this, running is a morning exercise for me, but with the lack of physical exertion I have been subjected to this week, my mind felt like it needed to escape into the cold and the quiet for a while. I have been feeling very off-balance today, not quite dizzy, but I have found it difficult to focus or maintain a straight line when walking; I have no idea if this was the juice cleanse or if I simply have a little inner ear problem today. Either way, it had no effect on my run, which was fantastic, even the rain couldn’t dampen my mood. My run was followed by a really long soak in an Epsom Salt Bath courtesy of PUREARTH, which is meant to draw out all the nasty toxins from the skin. It was heavenly, my skin felt great and my entire body seemed thankful for the chance to relax and unwind in peace and quiet. My eyes got their break from the computer screen and my mind finally had a chance to slow down into a clear space without a single thought. I felt at peace. Light and clean and somewhat tired but not exhausted; content. I wish more days were like this, productive and yet totally relaxing at the same time. I think this has been the perfect Sunday, and the perfect preparation for the week ahead, which as far as I can tell, is going to be a pretty full-on week. So, in preparation for Monday, I am now awaiting the last of my 3 Juice Box deliveries with nail-biting anticipation. I can’t wait; only two more days! I know that on Wednesday I will be able to eat again, but I’m not sure how I feel about that since I’m really quite enjoying this process. Going to make a more regular habit out of Juice Cleanses. The girls at PUREARTH should be proud, I am one tough nut to crack, and I am now totally convinced.

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