It was through twitter chatter that I first heard about the #SlammingBodyChallenge, direct from @LadySlam69, the twitter representative of the 69 Slam brand in South Africa. 69 Slam is probably best described as being my all-time-favourite swimwear / underwear company; partly due to the loud and colourful designs, and partly due to the wonderful array of extreme sports they support and sponsor. In case you haven’t noticed, I am an extreme sports fanatic, therefore anything to do with extreme sports will get a vote from me. Back to the challenge though; occasionally the team at 69 Slam  come up with a diet or exercise challenge to inspire their followers to get that Slamming Bikini Body, and to create a bit of a brand buzz. This particular challenge consisted of a simple task, no carbohydrates for 6 days. I kept a food diary, which you will find below, just to make sure everyone can see how it all went and check the results, which by the way, were pretty good – 2.8kg’s lighter at the end of the week. #Slamming! At the end of each day I noted the daily exercise too, since getting results is always a combination of diet and exercise I figured this would be fairly relevant. So here it is; try it some time if you can, although I don’t recommend following the diet below, it’s a bit of a mixed bag and I clearly do not always have the healthiest eating patterns.

Day 1:
1.5 x Green Smoothies, 1 x Latte
1 x Omelette (1/2 Courgette, 3 Mushrooms, 5 Slices Ham, handful of Spinach and 2 Eggs)
1 x Endamame + Broad Bean Salad with Soy sauce
1 x Italian Salad (3 Bocconcini, 2 Artichoke Hearts, Sun Dried Tomatoes)
RAN 5.6km + 1 Hour Yoga
Day 2:
2 x Green Smoothies, 1 x Latte, 1/2 x Banana, 1/2 x Powerade
1/2 Rack of Ribs and 1/2 Chicken with Veg (saved eating most of the day to get this in – thanks to Hurricanes Grill in Sydney)
RAN 10km
Day 3:
2 x Green Smoothies, 1 x Yogurt with 1/2 Mango and 10 Raspberries
3 x Scrambled Eggs, 1/2 Avo, Endamame Beans, Sun Dried Tomatoes, 3 x Bocconcini
1 x handful salted Cashews, 2 x boiled eggs
1 x Gatorade
1 x Protein Shake
RAN 5.6km + 1 Hour Yoga 

Day 4:
2 x Green Smoothies, 1 x Vanilla Latte (sugar free)
2 x Scrambled Egg w. 4 x Bocconcini, 5 x Baby Tomatoes, 1/2 Avo
1 x Protein Shake
1 x salmon terriyaki, 1 x salmon sashimi, 1 x seaweed salad 1 x California roll, 1 x beef carpaccio
RAN 9km
Day 5
2 x Eggs
2 x latte
1 x seafood platter (lobster, crab, pawn, oyster, mussels, calamari, fish, 1/2 avo) – again, I skipped lunch since I knew this would be pretty epic, and it was. Thanks to Nicks Seafood in Sydney, your fish is truly spectacular.
Day 6
2 x Green Smoothie, 1 x piccolo latte, 1 x fruit salad – large, 1 x yogurt
1/2 x gatorade and 2 x lattes
2 x poached eggs, 1 tomato, avo, spinach, mushrooms, bacon
RAN 5.6KM + 1 Hour Yoga 

All in all it was pretty good; I don’t usually eat simple carbohydrates anyway but cutting out certain high carbohydrate fruit and vegetables was a little more difficult than I expected. Not everyone realises how high in sugars and carbohydrates certain foods can be, so it’s best to check before trying a low-carb diet. Also try to at least have some type of carbohydrate in fruit or vegetable form if you are exercising as you will need the energy. I fully intend to go back to eating bananas, mangos, dates, kiwis, pineapple and carrots as none of these are bad for you and my daily Green Smoothie just doesn’t taste as good without my favourite tropical fruits. I would like to thank 69 Slam for setting the challenge, it was quite enjoyable and I’m happy to say I managed it, just.

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