The Pantry, Manly

I came out to Manly via the famous Manly Ferry from Circular Quay this morning just after sunrise (around 7am). The journey was quiet and relaxing and I really enjoyed seeing Sydney from a different angle, out on the water and seemly surrounded on almost all sides by land. I was in Manly for the day visiting an old friend and it wasn’t until around 11am that I realised I hadn’t eaten and was absolutely starving. I had it on good authority (from said friend) that we were headed for a place that serves ‘THE BEST’ eggs benedict in Sydney. Since this is my all-time-favourite breakfast, and I consider myself to be quite the benedict-connoisseur, I had high expectations.

The Pantry, located on the actual beach at Manly, within a beautiful purpose built ‘beach shack’ which has an ocean side deck area and small inside dining room, is quite a unique place indeed. The spectacular ocean view, superior service and reasonably priced (for Sydney) but absolutely delicious food, makes for quite a wonderful dining experience and I’ve yet to experience Eggs Benedict with a better view.  The interior, with its ‘shabby chic’ lime washed wood and contrasting dark aged leather and dark stained wine cabinets, creates a calming effect within the space that also managed to move effortlessly from good looking ‘breakfast spot’ to a romantic dinner setting.

Back to the Eggs Benedict though; he might just have been right. The perfectly poached eggs sat upon fresh cut organic ham and lightly toasted, thick cut sourdough bread and topped with a heavenly light bearnaise sauce. My biggest gripe when it comes to eggs benedict is the bearnaise, which is almost never made correctly and more often than not ends up ruining the entire meal. It’s beyond frustrating, especially when everything else on the plate is well made – sorry, rant over. This time however, they got it spot-on. It might have had something to do with the authenticity of the place, including the lovely French waitress who served us, but the meal itself proved to be better than I could possibly have expected and it definitely served it’s purpose in keeping me thoroughly satisfied for the rest of the day.  I believe the dinner menu here is equally well rounded and uncomplicated; our waitress recommended the burger for future reference and I will most certainly take her up on that the next time I happen to be in town.

The Pantry, Manly | +61 (2) 9977 0566 | | | The Pantry Manly, Ocean Promenade, North Steyne, Manly NSW 2095

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