My Indoor Garden Dream

There is something really earthly about having plants inside the home, they light up the room and make things feel so much more alive – the only problem I have with them is that they can be hard work; plants take up a lot of time, require care and attention and often make a mess of things – especially if you are as clumsy as me! I have never had many plants at home besides the odd herb bush, not least because I am constantly moving. I recently found a solution to my predicament though, and an amazing alternative to the old pot plant; her name is Tessa, she lives right here in the mother city, she my totally gorgeous and super creative friend, and she makes these incredible indoor garden beauties which come in all shapes, sizes and colours. I love them! They are the prettiest, tiniest indoor gardens I have ever seen; not to mention they are also mess free, stress free and capable of travelling without too much fuss. Perfect!!

There is no limit to what this gorgeous gardener can do, from miniature forests encased in glass, to beautiful picture frames packed full of colourful things, this plant décor makes the perfect low maintenance gift and is so much more special than a bunch of roses, not to mention a lot more creative. She also makes the most wonderful wedding gifts, favours, decorations and generally very pretty things. The succulents, her trademark plant, are fabulously colourful, hassle free and will last through winter, which makes them the most worthwhile garden investment I’ve made since moving to Cape Town. My new garden looks amazing, and I can take it with me when I move house – even better!

You really should look her up, and get yourself a sustainable, pocket sized garden while you’re at it. All gardens can be made to order, alternatively you can find her wonderful works of art at any of the locations listed here. Enjoy!

Available at: the Green living store at Wellness Warehouse in Cape Town, Kloof Street | Bay Harbour Market in Hout Bay | Through private orders via

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